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Olimpio Electric

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Olimpio Electric, 44 Shore Vista Drive, Rochester, NY 14612, T: (585) 957.5163, Visit the website for their services. READ MORE

BLM Electric

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BLM Electric, 30 Brookview Road, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 889-1831 READ MORE

Rozzi Enterprises Inc.

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Rozzi Enterprises Inc., 20 Denishire Drive, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 594-5080 READ MORE

Campomizzi Electric Inc.

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Campomizzi Electric Inc., 47 Quail Lane, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 594-5964 READ MORE

Northeastern Electrical Co.

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Northeastern Electrical Co., 35 Regency Oaks Blvd., Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 594-2700 READ MORE

Canal Town Electric

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Canal Town Electric, 365 N Washington Street, Rochester, NY 14625, T: (585) 586-7093, Full service residential specialists. Angies' List top contractor READ MORE

Pacelli Electric

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Pacelli Electric, 4973 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14622, T: (585) 323-1215 READ MORE

William Toomey

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William Toomey, 175 Kim Lane, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 467-6680 READ MORE

Caruso Brothers Electric Corporation

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Caruso Brothers Electric Corporation, 608 Trabold Road, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 426-7690 READ MORE

Central Electric

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Central Electric, 309 Embury Road, Rochester, NY 14625, T: (585) 787-2460 READ MORE

Sacchetti Electric

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Sacchetti Electric, 2680 W Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 723-6470 READ MORE

Baker Electric

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Baker Electric, 2625 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 227-5550 READ MORE

Patrick Electric

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Patrick Electric, 59 Markie Drive E., Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 247-5570, F: (585) 247-8926, Since 1992, Patrick Electric has been providing excellent customer service and expertise READ MORE

VanBortle Electric

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VanBortle Electric, 125 Cornwall Lane, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 503-5646, Visit the website to learn more. READ MORE

FJF Electric

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FJF Electric, 23 Estall Road, Rochester, NY 14616, T: (585) 666-8426 READ MORE

Kaplan-Schmidt Electric, Inc.

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Kaplan-Schmidt Electric, Inc., 50 Saginaw Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, T: (585) 328-0130, F: (585) 328-8552, Founded in 1988, Kaplan-Schmidt Electric has completed over $150 million dollars READ MORE

Quality Electric

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Quality Electric, 116 San Rose Drive, Rochester, NY 14622, T: (585) 467-8125 READ MORE

Percon Electric Co.

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Percon Electric Co., 62 Marway Circle, Rochester, NY, T: 585-288-0900 READ MORE

Douglas Electric Co., Inc.

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Douglas Electric Co., Inc., 1812 Brighton Henrietta TL Road, Rochester, NY 14623, T: (585) 288-3250, F: (585) 288-6829, Douglas Electric is prepared to offer value engineering and design bu READ MORE

Dynamark Electric

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Dynamark Electric, 1315 East Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14621, T: (585)261-6551, F: (585)486-1390, At Dynamark Electric our goal is to provide prompt, friendly service from highly trained te READ MORE

Armstrong Electric

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Armstrong Electric, 231 Post Avenue, Rochester, NY 14619, T: (585) 235-0060 READ MORE

Morgan Badgley Co.

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Morgan Badgley Co., 160 Despatch Drive, Rochester, NY 14625, T: (585) 385-6644 READ MORE

Summerville Electric LLC

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Summerville Electric LLC, 30 Southwood Lane, Rochester, NY 14618, T: (585) 442-9074 READ MORE

Protech Electric

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Protech Electric, Rochester, NY, T: (585) 709-9191 READ MORE

Quinlan Ferrara Electric Inc.

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Quinlan Ferrara Electric Inc., 346 E Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14621, T: (585) 467-2420 READ MORE

Deborah Jean Inc. Electric Contractor

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Deborah Jean Inc. Electric Contractor, 85 Packard Street, Rochester, NY 14609, T: (585) 288-5639 READ MORE

Catone Electric Co.

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Catone Electric Co., 1841 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 568-8762 READ MORE

K-P Electric Co.

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K-P Electric Co., 389 Lombard Street, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 288-3974 READ MORE

Ippolito Martin

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Ippolito Martin, 161 Dorbeth Road, Rochester, NY 14621, T: (585) 266-6337 READ MORE

Schlegel Electric Inc.

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Schlegel Electric Inc., 31 Kencrest Drive, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 429-5140 READ MORE

Bowe Electric Inc.

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Bowe Electric Inc., 3191 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618, T: (585) 330-4998 READ MORE

Landmark Electric Inc.

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Landmark Electric Inc., 50 Commerce Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, T: (585) 359-0800, F: (585) 359-0802, Landmark Electric has been providing exceptional commercial and industrial electrical con READ MORE

Gregor Electric

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Gregor Electric, 281 Seville Drive, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 544-3723 READ MORE

H A Enterprises

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H A Enterprises, 87 Drake Drive, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 323-2150 READ MORE

C.M. Armitage Inc.

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C.M. Armitage Inc., 723 Washington Avenue, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 266-0346, Mission Statement Our mission is to provide exceptional service for our customers at competitive prices. We READ MORE

Laughlin Electric Co.

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Laughlin Electric Co., 182 Furlong Road, Rochester, NY 14623, T: (585) 424-1800 READ MORE

Ellenwood Electric

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Ellenwood Electric, 49 Gale Terrace, Rochester, NY 14610, T: (585) 654-8642 READ MORE

Langschwager Electric Corporation

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Langschwager Electric Corporation, 725 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14611, T: (585) 235-6900 READ MORE

Brisson Electric

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Brisson Electric, 140 Maybrooke Road, Rochester, NY 14618, T: (585) 244-8534 READ MORE

Per-Con Electric

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Per-Con Electric, 10 Mount Read Blvd., Rochester, NY 14611, T: (585) 279-0018 READ MORE

Masling Electric

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Masling Electric, 62 Netherton Road, Rochester, NY 14609,8 T: (585) 442-5330 READ MORE

Szulgit Electric Inc.

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Szulgit Electric Inc., 2012 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609, T: (585) 224-9617, Szulgit Electric Inc has been providing electrical & security contracting services for over 20 years. Our READ MORE

Hewitt Young Electric

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Hewitt Young Electric, 645 Maple Street, Rochester, NY 14611, T: (585) 288-4480, F: (585) 288-4487, HewittYoung Electric is a privately owned company pursuing Industrial, Commercial, and Resi READ MORE

Radec Corporation

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The Radec Corporation, 100 Rockwood Street, Rochester, NY 14610, T: (585) 271-6311, F: (585) 271-2486, Visit the website for their services. READ MORE

Blackmon-Farrell Electric Inc.

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Blackmon-Farrell Electric Inc., 57 Halstead Street, Rochester, NY 14610, T: (585) 242-8680, F: (585) 242-8683, Blackmon-Farrell has the personnel, equipment, and experience for the top level READ MORE

Callea Electric

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Callea Electric, 40 Ajax Road, Rochester, NY 14624, T: (585) 730-8400 READ MORE

Sumner Leigh Systems, Inc.

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Sumner Leigh Systems, Inc., 1 Whipple Lane, Rochester, NY 14622, T: (585) 336-4300, F: (585) 336-4309, Sumner Leigh Systems was established in 1986 based upon these principles. Since then we READ MORE

Ty Electric Corporation

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Ty Electric Corporation, 464 Portland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14605. T: (585) 423-6300, TY Electric Corp has been in business since 1970, and we have the knowledge and training to execute all jo READ MORE

Schuler-Hass Electric Corp.

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Schuler-Hass Electric Corp, 240 Commerce Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, T: (585) 325-1060, F: (585) 325-3101, Schuler-Haas Electric Corp. has been a fully licensed and bonded Union Electrical Co READ MORE

E & E Electric & Security Inc.

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E & E Electric & Security Inc., 561 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 723-6470 READ MORE

Billitier Electric, Inc.

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Billitier Electric, Inc., 737 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester NY 14609, T: (585) 224.1111, F: 585.224.1110, Since 1970, Billitier Electric has been providing businesses like yours with superior e READ MORE

Finnigan Electric Co.

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Finnigan Electric Co., 879 West Ave Bldg 9A, Rochester, NY, 14611, T: (585) 334-0875, Jack Finnigan Jr.,a Master Licensed Electrician started Finnigan Electric Inc. in January 1974 after worki READ MORE

Michael's Electrical Services

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Michael's Electrical Services, 282 Doewood Lane, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 247-6776 READ MORE

M L Caccamise Electrical Contractor

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M L Caccamise Electrical Contractor, 721 Portland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621, T: (585) 266-0330 READ MORE

Edwards Electric & Communications Inc.

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Edwards Electric & Communications Inc., 1645 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14621, T: (585) 454-4450 READ MORE

Electrical Associates Inc

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Electrical Associates Inc 315 Mount Read Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14611 T: (585) 458-6110 READ MORE

Murch Electric Co., LLC

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Murch Electric Co., LLC, 400 West Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611, T: (585) 235-7210, F: (585) 235-7212, Established in 1993, with over fifteen years of experience, Murch Electric Co. LLC has gr READ MORE

Baldeck Electric, Inc.

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Baldeck Electric, Inc., 65 Hollis Street, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 423-9566 READ MORE

Concord Electric Corp.

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Concord Electric Corp., 705 Maple Street, Rochester, NY 14611, T: (585) 436-6870, F: (585) 436-5766, Concord Electric Corporation is a Rochester, NY based commercial electrical contractor th READ MORE

409 Electric

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409 Electric. 6 Markie Drive East, Rochester, NY 14606, T: (585) 429-9555 READ MORE

Kinney Electric

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Kinney Electric, 4 Glen Cove Rise, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 721-7544, Kinney Electric is dedicated and committed to providing you with a top-notch, reliable and safe electrical repairs in READ MORE

Paul Lockwood Residential Electric

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Paul Lockwood Residential Electric, Ridgemont, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 704-9483 READ MORE

Andrews Electric

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Andrews Electric, 45 Cedarfield Commons, Rochester, NY 14612, T: (585) 581-6771 READ MORE

John A Knauf Electric Inc.

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John A Knauf Electric Inc., 928 MacIntosh Drive, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 225-7395 READ MORE

Fairlawn Electric

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Fairlawn Electric, 2666 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 342-8260 READ MORE

James Secor Electric

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James Secor Electric, 208 Mobile Drive, Rochester, NY 14616, T: (585) 406-4091, Electrical contractor. All residential, commercial and emergency electrical services. Serving greater Rochester READ MORE

Electric Sam Co.

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Electric Sam Co., 159 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 225-1651 READ MORE

Universal Electric

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Universal Electric, 31 Cheltenham Road West, Rochester, NY 14612, T: (585) 865-0010 READ MORE

Larry Masci Electric, Inc.

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Larry Masci Electric, Inc., 700 Ridge Road West, Rochester, New York 14615, T: (585) 865.1562, F: (585) 865.1563, Larry Masci Electric is a locally owned and operated electrician services co READ MORE

Pelliccia Electric

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Pelliccia Electric Rochester, NY T: (585) 507-9340 Full Service Electrical Contractor - Master licensed-Insured-Commercial/Residential-24 hour emergency service. - From the owner READ MORE

Palmeroni Electric

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Palmeroni Electric, Rochester, NY, T: (585) 507-9340 READ MORE

Mylerson Electric

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Mylerson Electric, 63 Frear Drive, Rochester, NY 14616, T: (585) 429-0081, Visit the website for their services. READ MORE

Monroe Electric

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Monroe Electric, 29 Silver Ridge Drive, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 227-3060 READ MORE

McGurk Electric Inc.

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McGurk Electric Inc., 32 Wainswright Circle, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 225-7040, McGurk Electric is very proud of our reputation as the electrical contractor with the highest integrity. Ou READ MORE

Cannizzo Electric, Inc.

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Cannizzo Electric, Inc., 140 Rose Dust Drive, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 227-3934, F: (585) 227-5813, About Us Cannizzo Electric is a medium size electrical shop servicing the Monroe and READ MORE

G R M Electric

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G R M Electric, 43 Hemlock Woods Lane, Rochester, NY 14615, T: (585) 723-6506, GRM Electric, Inc. started in the spring of 2004 by owner Gianfranco R. Molinini with one goal in mind. To provi READ MORE

Magee Electric

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Magee Electric, 170 Chapel Hill Drive, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 227-5471, Magee Electric is a master licensed electrical contractor in Rochester, NY serving residential, commercial and in READ MORE

Mike Grisofe's Electrical Services of Rochester

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Mike Grisofe's Electrical Services of Rochester, 239 Rumford Road, Rochester, NY 14626, T: (585) 314-4747, Over 40 years of experience, Mike Grisofe has specialized in electrical design, trou READ MORE

Weaver Electric Inc.

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Weaver Electric Inc., 149 Harvington Diver, Rochester, NY 14617, T: (585) 507-7457 Weaver Electric Inc. Specialize in swimming pools, service panel upgrades, hot tubs, interior lighting, exter READ MORE
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