Trinity Electric Inc.
Trinity Electric Inc.,
2044 Allen Street Ext., Suite #7,
Falconer NY 14733

T: (716) 488-0880
F: (716) 488-0890

About Us:
What's behind the name "Trinity?"

We have been asked several times what's behind the name. The name of this company "Trinity Electric" was thought up by Denise Martin as our sign of total surrender and commitment of this company to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of whom we serve. The biblical meaning "Trinity" are the three separate persons "GOD the Father", "GOD the Son" and "GOD the Holy Spirit" forming the "Trinity" or one "GOD".

Brad and Denise chose to have "GOD" first and foremost as the leader and spiritual advisor in this business venture and daily seek wisdom, instruction and guidance from "GOD" through daily devotions and searching the scriptures in the Bible (the inspired "WORD of GOD").

It is Denise, Brad's, Mike's and Matt's desire to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thru this company and follow "HIS" will and not "our" will in the direction this company will go and that "JESUS CHRIST" may be revealed in our service to our customers and employees.
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