Lancaster Electric
Lancaster Electric,
32 Edson Street,
Buffalo, NY 14210,

Toll Free: (877) 563-0524,
T: (716) 823-0327,
F: (716) 381-8060,

Our Company was started in 1989 by Robert Vargo II, We incorporated in 2012. Robert is currently the president of our company and works as the lead electrician on most projects. We began primarily as a Residential Electrical Contractor and have become a full Service Electrical Contractor over time. We are a non-union shop, at any given time we employ 2-5 electricians. Today we engage in all electrical projects; commercial, residential and industrial. Nothing too big or too small-We Do It All. From alter lighting in a church to wiring your home. Call Us Today For All Of Your Electrical Needs.
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