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Affordable Electric

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Affordable Electric, 3231 Harlem Road, Buffalo, NY 14225, T: (716) 768-2423 READ MORE

Case Electric Co.

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Case Electric Co., 63 Doyle Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14207, T: (716) 876-5934 READ MORE

Huber Electric Inc.

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Huber Electric Inc., 4140 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY 14221, T: (716) 824-8816, Huber Electric has an extensive background in Commercial, Industrial and Residential wiring. Including but not READ MORE

Jack Man

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Jack Man, 650 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215, T: (716) 897-2544 READ MORE

Nite Time Decor-Metro Electric

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Nite Time Decor-Metro Electric, 100 Atlantic Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14212, T: (716) 897-2924 READ MORE

E C C Electrical Construction Corp.

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E C C Electrical Construction Corp., 105 Wagner Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14212, T: (716) 894-8011 READ MORE

R L C Electric

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R L C Electric, 915 E and West Road, Buffalo, NY 14224, T: (716) 897-1617 READ MORE

Community Electric

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Community Electric, 236 Massachusetts Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14213, T: (716) 602-1109 READ MORE

K Belcher Electric

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K Belcher Electric, 16 Manlon Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14225, T: (716) 837-3918 READ MORE

R L C Electric

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R L C Electric, 915 E and West Road, Buffalo, NY 14224, T: (716) 897-1617 READ MORE

Melton Electric

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Melton Electric, Buffalo, NY 14224, T: (716) 698-2257 READ MORE

M J M Electric Construction Inc.

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M J M Electric Construction Inc., 453 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222, T: (716) 427-6762, MJM Electrical Construction Inc. is a firmly-established electrical contractor which has been servi READ MORE

Abali Electric Co.

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Abali Electric Co., Buffalo, NY 14202, T: (716) 570-9775 READ MORE

C I R Electric Construction, Inc.

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C I R Electric Construction, Inc., 400 Ingham Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14218, T: (716) 362-5000, F: (716) 362-5010, CIR is capable of completing a wide range of electrical construction projects in READ MORE

Affordable Electric

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Affordable Electric, 4810 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14226, T: (716) 481-4874 READ MORE

R M H Electric

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R M H Electric, Buffalo, NY 14215, T: (716) 616-0842, As your Buffalo, NY, electrician, RMH Electric takes care of all your immediate and ongoing needs. We understand that our clients sometimes READ MORE

Premier Electric

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Premier Electric, Buffalo, NY 14201, T: (716) 997-9880 READ MORE

Poor Boys Electric

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Poor Boys Electric, 1 Winston Road, Buffalo, NY 14216, T: (716) 879-0706 READ MORE

O S Electric Inc.

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O S Electric Inc., Buffalo, NY, T: (716) 689-7394, F: (7160 689-3734, Commercial, Residential, & Industrial professional installations. Licensed and insured. Visit the website to learn more READ MORE

L B Electric

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L B Electric, 921 Indian Church Road, Buffalo, NY 14224, T: (716) 823-6660 READ MORE

Delta Electric

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Delta Electric, Buffalo, NY 14214, T: (716) 836-7385 READ MORE

Windstar Power and Lighting Corp.

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Windstar Power and Lighting Corp., 8245 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo NY 14221, T: (716) 583-1331 READ MORE

Marronca Electric Inc.

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Marronca Electric Inc., 35 Rabin Terrace, Buffalo, NY 14201, T: (716) 842-6490 READ MORE

Western New York Electric

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Western New York Electric, 73 Gladstone Street, Buffalo, NY 14207, T: (716) 874-1344 READ MORE

National Electric Construction

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National Electric Construction, 906 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213, T: (716) 881-1503 READ MORE

W A Electric of WNY LLC

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W A Electric of WNY LLC, 640 Fulton Street, Buffalo, NY 14210, T: (716) 826-1423 READ MORE

O'Brian Electric

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O'Brian Electric, 340 Highgate Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215, T: (716) 833-9473 READ MORE

C V M Electric, Inc.

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C V M Electric, Inc., 220 Dingens Street, Buffalo, NY 14206, T: (716) 824.2200, F: (716) 822.7605, CVM Electric, Inc., is one of the region's most venerable and respected electrical contracti READ MORE

South Buffalo Electric Inc.

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South Buffalo Electric Inc., 1250 Broadway Street, Buffalo, NY 14212, T: (716) 893-7130, F: (716) 893-7145, Professional, quality electrical work When you have industrial, commercial, govern READ MORE

McCartney Electrical Contracting

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McCartney Electrical Contracting, 329 Linden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216, T: (716) 835-4292 READ MORE

Industrial Power & Lighting

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Industrial Power & Lighting, 701 Seneca Street, Suite 500, Buffalo, New York 14210, T: (716) 854-1811, F: (716) 854-1828, Industrial Power & Lighting Corporation (IPL) is an Electrical Contra READ MORE

Wittburn Enterprises Inc.

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Wittburn Enterprises Inc., 36 Cypress Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, T: (716) 856-6610, Wittburn is a local contractor of electrical and communications contracting solutions for the commercial, in READ MORE

Niagara Frontier Electrical

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Niagara Frontier Electrical, 329 Linden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216, T: (716) 835-4311 READ MORE

Metro Electric & Communications

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Metro Electric & Communications. 100 Atlantic Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14212, T: 716-897-2922, Electrical Design, Installation, Maintenance; Remodeling & Repair. Building Contractors; HVAC & Energy READ MORE

Electrical Service & Systems Installation Inc.

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Electrical Service & Systems Installation Inc., 35 Lee Street, Buffalo, NY 14210, T: (716) 826-8707 READ MORE

Empire Electric Enterprises LLC

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Empire Electric Enterprises LLC, 327 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14201, T: (716) 634-0330 Our services include all aspects of Residential and Commercial Electrical. Some of our specialties ar READ MORE

Lancaster Electric

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Lancaster Electric, 32 Edson Street, Buffalo, NY 14210, Toll Free: (877) 563-0524, T: (716) 823-0327, F: (716) 381-8060, Our Company was started in 1989 by Robert Vargo II, We incorporated i READ MORE

Driscoll Electrical Construction Inc.

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Driscoll Electrical Construction Inc., 32 Cypress Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, T: (716) 856-6636 READ MORE

Simon Electric Co Inc.

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Simon Electric Co Inc., 367 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203, T: (716) 852-3824 READ MORE

E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp.

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E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp., 105 Wagner Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14212, T: (716) 894-6600, E.C.C. Electrical Construction Corp. is a full service commercial and industrial electrical contr READ MORE

Deltex Electric Inc.

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Deltex Electric Inc., 220 Elk Street, Buffalo, NY 14210, T: (716) 822-8622, Wiring solutions for your home or business. Visit the website for their services. READ MORE

Ferguson Electric

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Ferguson Electric, 333 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203, T: (716) 852.2010, F: (716) 852.4887, About Us, Ferguson Electric is the largest electrical contractor in Western New York. Estab READ MORE

Wire Electric

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Wire Electric, 1320 Military Road, Buffalo, NY 14217, T: (716) 875-4546 (North Towns), T: (716) 825-0206 (South Towns), Wire Electric has been been providing quality electrical services to Bu READ MORE
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