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Kwiatkowski Electrical Mech

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Kwiatkowski Electrical Mech, 1161 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12203, T: (518) 489-3001 READ MORE

Ungerman Electric, Inc.

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Ungerman Electric, Inc., 395 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, NY 12206-2919, T: (518) 436-8741, Count on our electrical contractors in Albany, New York, for top-quality residential and commercial ele READ MORE

Kasselman Electric

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Kasselman Electric, Morton at Broad, P.O. Box 984 Albany, NY 12201, T: (518) 465-4795 Kasselman Electric is a large electrical contractor based in Albany, New York. Since 1948, our mission ha READ MORE

Trotter Electric Inc.

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Trotter Electric Inc., 27A Knauf Lane, Albany, NY 12211, T: (518) 451-9706 READ MORE

S & B Contracting Co Inc.

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S & B Contracting Co Inc., 42 Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 862-9583 READ MORE

State Electric

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State Electric, 1110 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 915-1461 READ MORE

Pembrook Electric Co Inc.

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Pembrook Electric Co Inc., 42 Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 464-1996 READ MORE

Eistertz Electric Inc.

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Eistertz Electric Inc., 21 Huckleberry Lane, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 456-2239 READ MORE

Commalli Electric Inc.

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Commalli Electric Inc., 111 Exchange Street, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 621-7804 READ MORE

Robert J Keough

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Robert J Keough, Albany, NY 12208, T: (518) 417-2781, Licensed electric contractor doing residential and commercial jobs including landscape lighting, rewiring, old fuse panels to circuit break READ MORE

D R Wilsey Electric Inc.

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D R Wilsey Electric Inc., 11 Leto Road, Albany, NY 12203, T: (518) 452-9002 READ MORE

Rotondaro Electric Inc.

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Rotondaro Electric Inc., 11 Peachtree Lane, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 464-2888 READ MORE

Matco Electric Corporation

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Matco Electric Corporation, 10 Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 640-0379 READ MORE

Togan Electric

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Togan Electric, 16 N Russell Road, Albany, NY 12206, T: (518) 453-3585 READ MORE

N B S Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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N B S Electrical Contractors, Inc., 1041 Watervliet Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 869-5146, F: (518) 869-5449, N B S Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been in business for over 40 ye READ MORE

Ferguson Electric

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Ferguson Electric, 1220 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12226, T: (518) 482-2909 READ MORE

Comalli Electric Inc.

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Comalli Electric Inc., 111 Exchange Street, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 621-7804 READ MORE


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Arrow-Tec, 500 Elk Street, Albany, NY 12206, T: (518) 436-8982 READ MORE

Hession Electric Inc.

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Hession Electric Inc., 12 Buchanan Street, Albany, NY 12206, T: (518) 489-3144 READ MORE

Houghtaling Electrical

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Houghtaling Electrical, 25 O’Connell Street, Albany, NY 12209, T: (518) 857-5320, Residential & Commercial Electrical Services It can be tempting to try electrical projects yourself or with t READ MORE

E H Weiss Electrical

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E H Weiss Electrical, 129 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, NY 12210, T: (518) 434-0641 READ MORE

CKM Electrical Services

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CKM Electrical Services, 216 Elk Street, Albany, NY 12210, T: (518) 588.7600 READ MORE

Korzyk Electric

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Korzyk Electric, 205 Russell Road, Albany, NY 12203, T: (518) 221-5236, From outlets and switches to service upgrades, Korzyk Electric has been proudly providing full service residential and c READ MORE

Mel Carr Electric Corp.

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Mel Carr Electric Corp., 6 Highland Avenue, Albany, NY 12205, T: (518) 465-3003, F: (518) 465-1612, We thank you for taking the time to research Mel Carr Electric for your residential electri READ MORE

M. Scher & Son, Inc.

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M. Scher & Son, Inc., 136 North Lake Ave., Albany, NY 12206 , T: (518) 462-5544, F: (518) 462-6758, Established in 1924, M. Scher & Son provides 9 decades of experience, making us the unquest READ MORE

O'Keefe Electric

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O'Keefe Electric, 1971 Western Avenue #231, Albany, NY 12203, T: (518) 928.0303, O'Keefe Electric is a family run business. We pride ourselves in being an honest and reliable company. Our #1 READ MORE

A E Rosen Electric Co Inc.

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A E Rosen Electric Co Inc., 883 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207, T: (518) -463-4600, We specialize in commercial, industrial, maintenance and large-scale residential electrical construction, as wel READ MORE

Gomez Electrical Contractor Inc.

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Gomez Electrical Contractor Inc., 251 N Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12207, T: (518) 427-8365 READ MORE

Wade Electric Co.

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Wade Electric Co., 36 Tivoli Street, Albany, NY 12207, Albany T: (518) 426-0400, Troy T: (518) 273-0700, At Wade Electric offer an array of electrical services; including: new wiring and rewi READ MORE
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